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Tampa Appellate Lawyer

Was the trial fair? Was the judge in error? Did your last trial attorney fail you? Was a criminal sentence overly harsh? Were you denied access to your children based on bad evidence?

If you lost your case at trial, you do not necessarily have to accept the result. Judges and lawyers make mistakes. Valid evidence is not always considered, and the rules of evidence are not always properly applied.

At Scott L. Robbins, Attorney at Law, in Tampa, Florida, we devote a substantial portion of our practice to appellate work. Over the past 30 years, Scott Robbins has successfully resolved a significant number of appeals in state and federal courts that have involved both civil and criminal cases. His impressive track record makes him an obvious choice when pursuing a civil or criminal appeal in Florida.

  • Appeals of criminal convictions. Attorney Robbins handles criminal appeals related to convictions for Medicare fraud, racketeering, drug cases, conspiracy, white collar crimes and frauds.
  • Appeals of family law judgments. Mr. Robbins also handles civil appeals related to termination of parental rights, dependency appeals, domestic violence appeals and other family law issues. The appeals process for many family law cases is accelerated when children are involved.

If Your Judgment Was Recent, You Still Have Options To Appeal

If you were party to a criminal or family law case and are unhappy with the result, it is important that you act quickly. Appeals are time-limited, and there are deadlines to meet if you believe you deserve another trial. If you retain our experienced Tampa appellate attorney, he can work quickly to file your appeal, and in so doing, preserve your rights and opportunities to receive justice.

Whatever your reasons for contesting your trial result, you have the constitutional right to an appeal. Our law office can help you to exercise that right and get the justice you deserve. A judge in a higher court may have a different outlook on the law and the evidence, and may reach an entirely different conclusion than a judge in a lower court.

It is not an exaggeration to say an appeal could make the difference between your imprisonment or freedom, or whether your kids will grow up knowing you as a parent or a stranger. For these reasons, it is important that you contact Tampa appellate lawyer Scott L. Robbins today.

Contact Tampa Appeals Lawyer Scott L. Robbins

For more information, or to schedule a free initial consultation with Scott L. Robbins, Attorney at Law, contact us online or by calling 813-258-2909 or 800-483-0216 toll free. We can review your case and identify areas in which your earlier trial was mishandled. We can take your case to the Court of Appeals. We can win.

Our lawyer speaks Spanish. El abogado habla español. We accept payment by credit card.

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