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The Scott L. Robbins law firm has a respected and longstanding reputation regarding children's issues.

Particularly, we provide counsel and representation to clients in circumstances involving child dependency and termination of parental rights (TPR). Juvenile Dependency law is a specialized area of law in Florida. Only a handful of lawyers in each county make an appearance in Dependency Court on a daily basis. Dependency and TPR cases are not routine child custody cases. Children may be removed from the home because of abuse, neglect or endangerment and contact with their parents can be limited or blocked entirely by Court Order.

If you have child custody issues with the Florida Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) you need a skilled attorney that is well versed in these unique cases protecting your right to parent.

Mr. Robbins has extensive experience in Dependency cases and has represented thousands of parents in their Dependency and TPR cases for almost 20 years. Don't get lost in the system. If the Florida Department of Children and Family Services are investigating your family, our law office can help protect your parental rights.

Mr. Robbins can assist you and your family in navigating through a Dependency or TPR case in different ways:

  • By representing you alone and helping you seek to gain reunification with your children.
  • In some cases, you and your spouse can be represented together while seeking to gain reunification with your children.
  • Grandparents or other relatives may also want to seek temporary custody or have the children placed with them while parents receive treatment, counseling or complete jail sentences.

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