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Tampa Family Adoption Lawyer

There is no bigger joy in life than being a parent. Whether you gave birth to a child, fathered a child or came to know that child through marriage or a familial relationship — the parental bonds that form can be extremely powerful and fulfilling.

At Scott L. Robbins, Attorney at Law, in Tampa, Florida, we appreciate and understand these important connections between adults and children. As an experienced Tampa family adoption attorney, Scott Robbins assists grandparents, stepparents and other family members in adopting beloved children.

Protecting And Preserving Families Through Florida Adoptions

Examples of circumstances in which we help clients adopt children include the following:

Stepparent Adoptions

When an estranged parent abandons his or her opportunities to be involved in a child's life, it is not uncommon for the other parent to assume nearly all of the parenting duties. If this parent has remarried, his or her spouse may essentially replace the parenting role the estranged parent formerly fulfilled (or failed to fulfill). In situations like these, it is normal and natural for the stepparent to become a full legal parent to the child through the process of adoption. Through our law office, we facilitate stepparent adoptions that both legally and personally benefit children and parents by establishing continuity and stability in their relationships.

Grandparent Adoptions

When parents prove themselves to be unfit to raise their children (or if the parents die unexpectedly, such as in a car accident), grandparents often assume the role of raising the children as their own. Our law firm helps grandparents to adopt their grandchildren in situations in which the birth parents or legal parents are unable to fulfill their duties.

Relative Adoptions

Sometimes, the best parent for a child is a relative. Aunts, great aunts, uncles, great uncles, great-grandparents, first cousins and other relatives are often able to step into the role of parent when the biological parents are incapacitated, unfit, have abandoned their parental duties or have died. Due to a special Florida statute favoring adoptions by blood relatives, such adoptions can occur much faster and with less bureaucratic hassle than adoptions by nonrelatives.

Contested Adoptions

In situations in which the adoption is contentious, you can benefit from our lead attorney's 30-plus years of courtroom litigation experience. We represent clients who seek to adopt children from unfit parents fighting to keep custody, as well as clients who seek to prevent adoptions by competing parties. Contested adoptions are exceedingly delicate. You can count on us to exercise caution, discretion and compassion while representing your interests and the best interests of the children.

Learn Your Adoption Options | Call For A Free Consultation

For more information about your options to adopt a stepchild, grandchild or child who is related to you, contact Scott L. Robbins, Attorney at Law, online or by calling 813-258-2909 or 800-483-0216 toll free. Our Tampa family adoption lawyer can advise you of your options and guide you through the adoption process in Florida.

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