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Tampa Federal Crime Lawyer

If you face federal criminal charges, you may already know that you need superior representation.

Federal authorities tend to build strong cases prior to indicting suspects. An accused person whose attorney is not experienced in federal cases could be a sitting duck for federal prosecutors who better understand the rules, laws and procedures of Florida federal courts.

Let Us Set Your Mind at Ease | Tampa Drug Crime Attorney Serving St. Petersburg, Ft. Meyers, Orlando and Ocala

Rather than let a challenging situation overwhelm you, let our competent and experienced lawyer, Scott L. Robbins, resolve your issues and set your mind at ease. Admitted to the Middle District of Florida in 1983, he has nearly 30 years of experience in defending clients in federal court.

His goal for all federal defense clients is to, when possible, keep them out of jail and to limit, or eliminate, financial penalties. Among the federal charges for which Scott L. Robbins, Attorney at Law, can effectively defend you are:

  • Drug crimes: These include charges of possessing, producing, trafficking, or selling drugs, including cocaine, heroin, marijuana or methamphetamine. We also defend clients in "pill mill" cases involving the production or distribution of illegal prescription medications.
  • Violent crimes: These include federal weapons charges, murder and homicide charges, and charges relating to other violent crimes such as armed robbery.
  • White collar crimes: These include charges of fraud, tax fraud, mortgage fraud, embezzlement, money laundering or other " white collar" crimes.
  • Sex crimes: These include accusations of creation, dissemination or possession of child pornography. We can also defend you against allegations of sexual assault of a child or adult.
  • Immigration violations: These include illegal immigration, human trafficking, harboring illegal immigrants and other violations of U.S. laws regarding non-citizens.

A 'Guilty' Judgment Is Not the End | Tampa Federal Crime Attorney

In addition to handling federal criminal trials, attorney Robbins has deep experience in what comes after a trial. He can assist you in appealing your case to a higher court, seeking post-conviction relief from the court to change an aspect of your judgment.

To discuss your circumstances and your legal options, contact us online in Tampa, Florida, or call 813-258-2909.

Our attorney speaks Spanish. El abogado habla español.

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